How to Check your EBT Card Balance

EBT refers to Electronic Benefit Transfer and it is a debit card under the Federal Stamp Program that is being given to unemployed US residents, allowing them to purchase groceries and foods from some of the participating stores nationwide. Every time you use the card, you will simply present it to the cashier who will charge you for all the things you have purchased. Take note that you have the option to check your EBT Card balance after every purchase, but there are also several other means of checking your EBT balance.

EBT Card BalanceWhere to Check the Card Balance

There is actually a website that you can refer to in order to inquire your remaining EBT Card balance. If you check out, you will be provided with a list of sites that a resident of a certain state can refer to in order to inquire their balance. From the state of Alaska to Wyoming, everything is found on that website. You will also find a lot of other information on the website regarding your Electronic Benefit Transfer card, so you better check this out to learn more.

How to Check your Balance Online

When checking your EBT Card balance over the Internet, all you need to do is to click that link that corresponds to the state where you live. As soon as you click on it, you will be taken to a website that will provide you different means to check your balance:

• First is to check your balance by phone by calling a toll free number.
• Another is to refer to the link provided in order to check your EBT Card balance on the Internet.

Check your Balance Online

To check your EBT Card balance online, you simply need to click on the URL provided and as soon as the page opens, you will be asked to register for a User ID and password so you can view your card balance.