Tips to Help you with the EBT Account Registration

The EBT or Electronic Benefit Transfer is a state welfare program from the US government that is issued by means of a debit card. This card is then used to purchase food and in some instances, recipients can withdraw money from the card for their cash benefits. If used to purchase, the card can only pay for food and other edible items and cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are exempted. If you are a holder of this card, you will have to go through the EBT Account Registration in order to be able to check your balance online.

Checking your EBT Balance Online

EBT Account RegistrationThere are websites that were set up for each state in order to allow EBT card holders to check their account balances, check for any claim status, locate stores and ATMs that accept the cards and view their transaction details as well. But before you can make use of this online facility, you will have to undergo an EBT Account Registration process and this is done on the website itself.

How to Register

First of all, you need to go to the website of your specific state. If you do not know what the URL for your own state, you can go to to check this out. This site lists down the website addresses for each particular state where you can go through the EBT Account Registration process in order to register.


Information Needed

To register, you will need to provide the following information:

• Your 16-digit EBT card number which is printed right in front of the card.
• The SUID that is found right below your name, found on the front portion of the card.
• Your month as well as your year of birth which should be entered in the following format – MMYYYY
• You need to generate a User ID as well as a password.

As soon as you are done with your EBT Account Registration, you can start using the online facility and checking your balance.